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Sophie Groenstein


Painting New England and beyond, Sophie finds inspiration by celebrating the warmth of individuality when creating her expressive portrait illustrations and murals.  Her distinctive style emanates positivity and expresses the vibrant spirit of her surrounding community.
Through her dynamic color palette, Sophie represents communities of all backgrounds within her work and seeks out opportunities to share their stories. She aspires to pursue her artistic endeavors by giving back to her community through the creation of public art lovingly and professionally. Sophie enjoys finding new ways to challenge herself, push creative boundaries, and add to her craft.

 Past Clients

  • Stella and Chewy's

  • Back East Brewing

  • Hartford Wolf Pack

  • LesserEvil

  • Evergreen Walk

  • Walmart

  • Weha Brewing and Roasting Co.

  • Square Peg Pizzeria

  • Bloomfield Preschool and Child Care

  • Likkle Patty Shop

  • Hops Culture Farm and Brewery

  • Lucky Dog Refuge

  • Sage Park Middle School

  • Journey of Yoga

  • Flayvor's of Cook Farm​

  • Union Station Banquet Halls

  • The Platform

  • The Purple Finch Skincare

  • Fryborg

  • Harry's Pizza Bishop's Corner

  • ACME Monaco

Features & Publications

Jaime Loomis, Back East Brewing Co. Bloomfield, CT.

“We always envisioned a warm, creative atmosphere for our newer 2,500 sq ft tap room. We were so impressed by Sophie’s ability to blend art and beauty in a public space. Her artistic vision surpassed our expectations, turning the formerly blank wall into a vibrant look into the brewing process. The mural has seamlessly become an integral part of the Back East atmosphere and customer experience. Now, the previously bleak wall serves as a conversation piece that allows us to immerse our customers in the brewing culture, creating a welcoming and fun vibe that enhances their overall experience!”


Jason DiBella,

Doms Broad St Eatery.

Windsor, CT.

I often hear guests talking about it, and see them taking pictures of it, and taking selfies with it! Windsor prides itself on being the first town of Connecticut and the way Sophie captured the charm of our small town is magical! Thank you Sophie for the hard work and dedication."

Samantha Rumore, Lucky Dog Refuge.

Stamford, CT.

“We gave her photos of our long-term dogs who were having a hard time finding their forever homes (left to right Katy, Elle, Emmie, Zero, Mardi) and she gave us an incredible design. Sophie put together a mood board with examples of art styles and we loved the idea of dogs in sunglasses in a beachy sunset setting. She was so open to feedback and edits and ultimately everyone loved the final product.” Rumore says the best part of the process was that three of these long-term dogs–Katy, Emmie, and Zero–found new homes after being included in the mural. 

Interested in transforming your desired space into an immersive piece of art? If you have any questions regarding my process or would like to know more about estimates, please reach out via email or the contact page to schedule a free consultation.

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